Our Solutions

Debt Agreements

We specialise in personal credit matters that will help you to become debt-free without taking out another interest accruing loan.

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Credit Card Help

When spending gets out of control and you owe a lot of money on one or more credit cards, keeping up with payments can be very difficult.

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Asset Protection

If your assets are under threat from finance companies or banks because of your credit card debts, personal loan debts, or other consumer debts...

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Financial Budgeting

We will draw up a weekly / fortnightly / monthly budget with you (and/or your family) to determine your income and expenses.

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One Year Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy could be the best option for you when faced with the stress of debt. It is a tricky situation to manage, but seeking professional financial expertise is always the best step to take.

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Mortgage Assistance

Australian Debt and Insolvency Solutions (ADAIS) can provide mortgage assistance suited for your individual circumstances.

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Bad Credit and Credit File

Australian Debt and Insolvency Solutions (ADAIS) can assist you with getting back on track with a robust repayment plan or work with your creditors to put you on a suitable payment arrangement.

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Debt Reduction Strategies

We take the time to understand your personal situation and work with you to create a sustainable debt reduction strategy.

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Help Pay Your Bills

We can help analyse your finances, create a payment schedule and ensure all your bills are paid on time each month.

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Reduced Settlement Offers

For result-driven, pocket-friendly assistance with debt settlement solutions, Australian Debt and Insolvency Solutions (ADAIS) is here to help.

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No Obligation Debt Assessment

Consolidate your debts, formulate a strategy and let us help you prepare a budget to avoid bankruptcy.