Mortgage Assistance

Mortgage Assistance Options

Mortgage-related matters can hardly be considered trivial. It can be daunting to find financial support for mortgage assistance, especially if your situation is challenging.

If you need a way to take the hassle out of your search for mortgage assistance, remember there are always options available. Our team of professionals combines financial expertise and professional experience to help our clients with mortgage assistance. We aim to empower you with options that help achieve your financial objectives.

Help Seeking Mortgage Assistance

Whether to refinance a home or secure your first home loan, we can keep you informed and secure your peace of mind. We understand it is essential for your request for mortgage assistance to be backed by adequate documentation.

At Australian Debt and Insolvency Solutions (ADAIS), we seek to take the stress out of your financial decision-making. Our team will keep your lenders thoroughly informed of your situation. In the case of a worsening financial situation, you may be eligible for long-term debt relief options or hardship arrangements. With a variety of methods to address such circumstances, we may recommend refinancing your mortgage or utilising your existing equity to pay off your debt.

ADAIS is here to help

Give us a call on 1800 212 452 to have a confidential discussion to see how best we can provide mortgage assistance suited for your individual circumstances.