Credit Card Help

Australia has the highest credit card debt in the world. As per a recent report, Australians are forking out approx. $12.3million a day in interest alone at an average interest rate of 14.25%.

Plastic Money are classified as below:

  • Credit Cards
  • Store Cards
  • Charge Cards

These cards are unsecured debts and add a significant financial burden when such credit card debts are not repaid on time each month. The stress of juggling multiple payments on limited income makes it difficult to budget accurately.

Credit Card Debt also plays an important role on your credit score maintained by most credit reporting bureaus across Australia. It affects your ability to borrow further or in some extreme cases may result in defaults listed on your credit file.

What may have seemed like a good idea at the time, may now be forcing you into a stressful financial position that has become impossible for you to manage alone.

At ADAIS, we strive to provide a tailored solution to your financial circumstances – review your circumstances holistically, chalk out a viable plan and look at tackling your debts in the most cost effective way.

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