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If you are looking for solutions to get debt free, consult with our team of professionals today. Our professional team is able to assist with any need you may have for informal debt agreements, unsecured debts, existing debts, and other debt problems you may currently be facing.

We have helped countless clients Melbourne wide and specialise in assisting with debt relief solutions. Our scope of expertise covers recommendations made for debt relief in Australia and we can definitely provide assistance with any debt help in Melbourne. If you need a debt solution to solve any financial hardship or negotiate with creditors, don't hesitate from speaking with our financial counsellors.

Debt Agreements

We specialise in personal credit matters that will help you to become debt free without taking out another interest accruing loan.

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Credit Card Help

When spending gets out of control and you owe a lot of money on one or more credit cards, keeping up with payments can be very difficult.

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Asset Protection

If your assets are under threat from finance companies or banks because of your credit card debts, personal loan debts, or other consumer debts...

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Financial Budgeting

We will draw up a weekly / fortnightly / monthly budget with you (and / or your family) to determine your income and expenses.

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No Obligation Debt Assessment

Consolidate your debts, formulate a strategy and let us help you prepare a budget to avoid bankruptcy.

Why choose us?

Australian Debt and Insolvency Solutions has been operating for over 14 years and has assisted thousands of clients and their families deal with debt stress and provide suitable solutions - Debt Agreements, Informal Arrangements, Debt Negotiations, Asset Protection and Financial Budgeting.

  • Tailored Debt Management Solutions
  • Two convenient locations in Melbourne – Essendon & Mornington.
  • Member of Personal Insolvency Professionals Association
  • Licensed Debt Agreement Administrator - License No: 736
  • Member of Financial Ombudsman Services - ID: 31911

Media Appearances

Interview with Kris Bondin, Money & Your Life


Evelyn Collado

I looked on the internet for a Debt Agreement Administrator after my credit card problem became out of control and one bank took legal action against me. I was unable to re-finance my house because of the little equity in it and my creditors were hounding me day and night. It was a very frightening time.

ADAIS incorporated their fees into an instalment arrangement and I was able to pay my Debt Agreement off over a 4 year period. Other than my mortgage, I’m now living Debt-free and very happy these Debt Agreements exist.